Glen Tong is a South African-born artist of Chinese descent.

His Afro-asian influences are evident in his artwork.

From abstracts to figurative to portraiture, his works are infused with a variety of different media.

Media combinations as diverse as charcoal and cement/ charcoal, silver leaf and oil paint/ gold leaf, silver leaf and glass paint/ acrylic and enamel.

Always looking toward the ‘unusual’, his work is versatile and varies from the figurative (voluptuous forms in quirky poses or sensual forms in acts of living, loving, dancing) to the abstract (mixed media works with a subtle Asian influence).

His love of Japanese culture, in particular, has had a considerable influence on his abstract work with the emphasis being on minimalism, clean lines and pure colour.

The square is a significant component in his work.


Now in his 50’s he continues to evolve as a person – and, as significantly, as an artist.

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